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Posplanet.net - point of sales equipment
Please Note: Purchasing from this site automatically implies that you have read and accept our sales policy
Extensive Point Of Sales knowledge
All our staff are former restaurant managers
or operators, combining decades of on-hand experience
in front and back of the house. We understand you.
Very Competitive Prices
We are very much informed of our competitors' pricing
and we make sure that we stay within those limits. We may
not offer the best price in occasions but we definitely
have the best quality.
24/7 Support
Our support, before and after the sale is very thorough
and unmatched. We offer all our customers a minimum of
1 month free 24/7 support with pos system purchase.
our mission our point of sale products our strength

Posplanet.net makes pos equipment, pos software and system easy to find, easy to select, easy to buy and easy to implement with the attention, care and skills of experienced point of sales professionals. We build a very reliable pos system. We constantly showcase very interesting pos bundles at very affordable price and sell only top of the line professional pos equipment. 


We provide only top of the line brands, especially built for the point of sale industry. No home-use equipment with us and still our prices are very competitive. Our warranty is 3 years for most if not all products and if some prices are slightly above those of the competition, you can rest assured that we will always deliver point of sale equipment built and configured by and for pos professionals.

Professionalism and reliability. Technicians and sale's staff have unique and extensive experience in the hospitality industry. We deliver experience, dedication, integrity and instant customer service that will provide you and your business with a significant lasting impression. Don't delay and join the list of satisfied customers who have been loyal to us for years. 

our team  our availability  our goal 

Our staff is very  knowledgeable in all restaurant and retail business fields, from design to back and front of the house operations, with extensive knowledge of  hardware, software and networking implementation. Most of us are former restaurant and/or retail operators with years of experience in front and back of the house.

365 days, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
 We do our best to meet your schedule
and hours of operation. Our main priority
 is to fit all your specific needs.
Our goal is commitment to excellence in service
and ultimately 100% customer satisfaction.
We support all our products.  
Pos system specialist
Let us help you put your pos system together
Call our pos system specialist
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(702) 485-1975
Improve your business 
Improve your businesswith a POS system
Call us to speak with a point of sales specialist
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